PictureMy 1st car - a 1972 Plymouth Cricket
In North America, many of us grow up in cities/towns where having a car is a sign of adulthood. I remember teasing other kids who didn't get their driver's licenses as soon as they could. We grow up believing / thinking that owning a car is a necessity and a right. I wanted a car so bad when I got my driver's license that I bought a 1972 Plymouth Cricket was $200. I sold it a year later for $220.

I have lived in 5 different cities/towns in North America. My hometown - where having a car was needed. A small city - a car was also needed. A big city - where I had a car, but probably didn't need it). Another big city that was very transit friendly. And unfortunately, right now, I live in a city where owning a car is a necessity. Some American cities are unfortunately not bike / public transit friendly.

When I lived in Montreal, I was transferred there by a company that initially told me that the transfer was going to be only for a few months.  I did not move many of my personal belongings to Montreal (including my car). I inadvertently was trained to live without a car. Eventually, after a few months, it became clear that I was going to be needed for more than a few months - by that point in time, I decided to get rid of my car.  Let me explain how I felt that my way of life was actually IMPROVED and how I saved money.