Many people equate retirement with spending lavishly, traveling in style, or playing golf everyday (such as this NYT article I read the other day). While I do agree with the mathematics of the first 50% of the article (yes, of course try to increase your present value (PV) by investing in yourself and your own earning power), I disagree with the second 50% of the article. The second half of the basically makes it sound like retired people are pathetic / bored / not contributing to society. 

I plan to retire early. As I write this article, I come up on my 30th birthday. I am starting to build up my portfolio so that one day I will have enough passive income to either retire entirely, or do work on a part-time basis (perhaps some consulting in my professional, some teaching in the profession, etc). I am hoping to get out of the full-time work force well before 60.